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Virtually every commercial business needs regular painting, repainting, refreshing, and rejuvenating. And by making  it easy and pleasant, we've not only tapped into a truly vibrant industry, we're securing the lead position.

SuperPro is the instantly competitive, branded choice in a marketplace full of mom-and-pop painting companies, which work for a certain segment — but not for business owners who understand the  potential of this need-based industry.

With complete operating, marketing, and financial systems, you can focus your talents on growing your SuperPro Painting Systems Centre. While competitors are painting daily, you're leveraging a proven franchise system to create successful Owner/manager-run centres. Our franchisees enjoy:

A Beloved Brand

Owned by SuperPro Painting Systems International Inc., SuperPro is one of the fastest growing brands around. We test all of our new services before launching them.

A Thoroughly Tested Operation Platform

With one of the co-founders having over 35 years of painting experience, we have streamlined operations down to a science, with simplicity at the forefront of every procedure we implement, so you can put them into practice quickly and efficiently.

A No-Nonsense Finance Model

In 2014 our very first centre, had over $4 million of annual revenue, which underscores our dedication to franchise growth and inspires us to continually refine our practices. 2016 and beyond we look forward to major franchisee growth. Look closer and you'll see we have the model wired tight.

Solid Marketing Strategies

 We obviously know how to market proficiently in communities both large and small, from traditional advertising to cutting-edge digital and social platforms.

Top-Notch Recruitment

Because you are only as successful as the employees and painters you hire, SuperPro helps franchisees secure the very best Painters in the biz, continually training and educating team members on practices that set us apart.  We do this through our affiliation with Certified Learning In Painting (CLIP).

Painting is also one of the few industries unlikely to be displaced by technological advances. Take a moment to explore this opportunity, and discover what a remarkable model it is.



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