EY Entrepreneur of the Year

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“It is a tremendous accomplishment to be selected as a finalist.”  Michael Duchnij, President of SuperPro Painting Systems International Inc., and a dedicated member of BOMA and ECA says,  this accomplishment, is a joint effort of all employees and painters of SuperPro Painting Systems.

The finalists have been announced via press release on Canada’s News Wire this morning. We strongly encourage you to visit the Canada’s News Wire site (Prairie Region Finalists)

The Painting Industry in North America is a $180 Billion industry.

SuperPro Painting Systems International Inc. is your leading provider of commercial painting services. “We are also thrilled to provide franchise opportunities to potential franchisees, as well as, operating  the first of its kind, in North America, Painter School called CLIP (Certified Learning in Painting),” says Duchnij.

About SuperPro Painting Systems:

Painting Mission for More Than 30 Years

In 1979, with dedication and passion, Kelly Caldwell, now a 'Red Sealed Painter’, began painting. Little did he know that his past painting knowledge and experiences, could help him transform the commercial painting industry, to the now current SuperPro Painting Systems, ‘business model’. With a team of like-minded partners, who truly represent entrepreneurial spirit, they believed that the company must pass the test…"that the value of its painting services is worth every penny of its cost". Armed with that philosophy, the SuperPro Painting Systems journey began. SuperPro Painting Systems belief, is that  business owners, called  Partners in Profit™, or “Owners Who Care”, could and would perform to higher standards and deliver better service to the customer. This philosophy has lead to SuperPro Painting Systems, slogan: Make Painting Great Again™, and ultimately to three (3) BOMA Edmonton Awards in 2014 .

SuperPro Painting Systems International, Inc. is Canada’s #1, Commercial Painting Provider.