The SuperPro franchise combines the simple infrastructure of a traditional painting company with the operational prowess of SuperPro Painting Systems International Inc. SuperPro Painting Systems helps franchisees plan, control, and increase sales at every opportunity throughout the business.


  • Owner/Manager-run: As a franchisee, you will be recruiting a team of experienced full-time managers and department/division heads. Initially, it does require constant franchisee presence. This makes it easier to grow your business.

  • Professional Staff:SuperPro centres are principally staffed by professional marketing, sales, and operational support, with vocational education and training. Supported by administrative and management teams, everyone is able to put their unique talents to work ensuring excellent customer service.

  • Predictable Rhythm:Because SuperPro operates under proven and efficient processes, the day runs with greater predictability than in most independent mom and pop painting companies, allowing you to serve more customers per day. This standardization also makes training, quality assessment, and continuous improvement significantly easier.

  • Regular Hours: SuperPro centres operate during normal business hours, allowing you to maintain a level of work-life balance that will make you a better owner.


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