Candidate Profile


SuperPro Painting Systems International Inc. is always interested in hearing from motivated franchise candidates who seek a stable business opportunity with significant growth potential. Along with characteristics common to successful franchisees, found below, we require a minimum financial background of:

  • Net worth: $500K

  • Liquid assets: $150K

SuperPro Franchisees Must:

Possess solid business experience

It’s an Executives Business. You may have had, or currently have a successful fulltime career. SuperPro is an Owner/ manager-run business, with significant support from SuperPro Painting Systems. Franchisees must maintain a full-time commitment while opening their very first location. As your SuperPro business flourishes, you may wish to focus exclusively on its growth, by letting go of the reins to people that you are grooming.

Can implement and execute company strategies

As a SuperPro franchisee, you retain primary control over your business. However, to be successful you should closely follow the systems and strategies developed by SuperPro Painting Systems.

Have a vision and desire to open multiple centre locations

SuperPro franchisees should enter into business with the intention of owning multiple centres. This foresight allows for better financial planning, staffing, and scouting for talented managers and painters, although multi-unit ownership is not mandatory.


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